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Team 1

Chris Janowski


Chris has always had a love for technology, which led him to working on the show Entertainment Tonight and at the Apple Store. He brings his knowledge and passion for apps with the goal of making unique mobile experiences that will help people everyday.

Team 2

Pat Woodward


Pat comes from a background in online communities, mostly gaming-related, having founded/run many of them. Professionally he has worked primarily in website hosting/design as well as system administrator roles. Pat is a natural learner and problem solver.

Team 3

Craig Simms


Craig brings a variety of skills and experience to the team, including an academic background in both graphic design and business management. Prior to joining Hyperapptive, Craig worked at Envista Corporation, where he gained an understanding of startups and developed an affinity for business.

Our Journey

How we got to where we are now.

  • 2016

    Marketing Plan

    Currently we are solidifying and finalizing our marketing plan, mostly focusing on planning our launch and making sure our messaging makes sense to our users. February 2016

    Feasability Succesful

    Our developers finished the first stage of development, which was focused on testing the technical feasibility of Looop. It was successful and proved that the app could be made with all the ideas and features we planned for. January 2016

  • 2015

    Company Formation

    With all the documents signed and the checks in hand, we officially formed our company Hyperapptive, Inc. in December 2015. Development on Looop started shortly after. December 2015

    Angel Investment

    After honing and practicing our pitch deck, presentation, and projections, we presented to a group of angel investors in Washington, DC. We had already brought in family and friends for investment to show the other investors we had skin in the game. October 2015

  • 2014


    The brainstorming phase of InventiveLabs kicked off and quickly the three co-founders gravitated to each other and started coming up with mobile application ideas. Several app ideas were explored, but in the end Looop was selected to be pursued. November 2014


    Pat Woodward, Chris Janowski, and Craig Simms, the three co-founders met while attending InventiveLabs, a business incubator in Amesbury, MA October 2014

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We can't say much more right now, but subscribe to our newsletter to be the first people in the Looop.

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